Holmium Laser at the Hospital in La Linea.

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Holmium Laser at the Hospital in La Linea.

Last Wednesday we carried out several interventions using the Holmium laser at our Hospital, with thanks to the collaboration of the Medical Company Boston. The Homium laser has many uses in urology, aiding with many procedures and making others possible.

We carried out a selection of cases to test the versatility of this type of laser, such as:

  1. Ureteroscopy. The fragmentation is much easier and faster than with the equipment we currently have at our disposal.
  2. Resection of bladder tumour. The patient does not need to be admitted to hospital or general anaesthetic. It is performed by flexible cystoscopy and patient is discharged after the procedure. Recurrent lesions which are small in size are selected.
  3. Resection of ureteral tumour. Currently, the treatment of a tumour in the urinary tract is undergoing significant changes. Until very recently, the treatment was by nephroureterectomy. Now, we take a biopsy prior to the procedure and if it is not a very aggressive tumour, we choose more organ-conserving techniques such as the resection with holmium laser. In patients with aggressive tumours, the benchmark is still radical surgery.

I hope that this technology will become available at our hospital. As experiences such as those last Wednesday have proved, this laser is superior to other fragmentation devices and it brings many more possibilities to oncological pathology. I hope that those in charge of finances in the area can find a way for us to have this laser at our disposal on a daily basis rather than on scheduled loans with the industry, to whom I once again give my thanks for their interest in my request.

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